Memorable Trip: Bandung

Salam. I went to Bandung last December. I know it's quite a long time ago, but hey, I just got the chance to share with you. Overall, it was a great 4D3N experience. Let me tell you (especially the guys), do bring extra money here! You might be thanking me later :D Well, here's some of the photos I took during the journey with my humble EKEN H8r. Enjoy the photos!

Our first meal, a Padang restaurant.

Fabu Hotel, a value-for-money accomodation, I must say.

Fabu Hotel Interioe

Fabu Hotel from the outside.

Our first day trip!

The view is just a glimpse of Bandung's heavy traffic. So glad that I'm not driving here.

Need I say more?

Having lunch at Warung Misbah. It's quite unique as it offers free movies to the customers. But don't expect any Hollywood movies. They played the Indonesian classic movies.

There is a 'drive-through' for everything! You name it, they got it!

Street of Chibaduyut. Just one of the reason for you guys to bring extra money!

Grutty @ the street of Chibaduyut. Selling all kind of shoes and apparel. On the other hand, can you see how close the motorcycles and the cars are? Interestingly, although the traffic was packed, but I can say that it is very HARMONIOUS.  Every person know when to give lane, when to stop, and I never see any accident while I was there (not that I wanted to see it). I can never imagine this happening in Malaysia. Maybe we should learn to be tolerant to each other.

The famous Kawah Putih. It's raining and freezing when we arrive here. Cameron Highland is nothing compared to the breeze of Kawah Putih (excluding the hazardous brimstone smell, of course!)

On the way to the Kawah itself.


My lovely parents. Thanks for sponsoring the trip! ^_^

It's freaking cold. Seriously.

The Three Brother's (my youngest brother was not with us at this time, sorry Amir!).

Bahtera Resto Ciwidey.

Bahtera Resto Ciwidey.

This is our favourite eating spot there. The taste of the food is tasty, the price is reasonable, and the service is excellent. What more can you ask?

Our yummy food!

The most important picture. Standing on the most left (the man with boxed shirt) is our fantastic driver/tour guide, Mr Agung Handiki. He is a very humble man and never say no to our request. I highly recommend should any of you wish to go to Bandung to contact him (if you did not have a driver). Mr Agung, should you read my post, do know that I'm so fortunate to know you. Thanks for making our trip so memorable!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

First Low Key Photography Shot (feat. Me and My Lovely Wife)

First Low Key Photography Shot (feat. Me and My Lovely Wife)

It's been a fun & tension (haha) moment for me and my wife while trying low key shot.
I've been dreaming of exploring this type of shot.
Seems easy, but it really not! (that's why the tension came in).
About 20 shots and poses were taken, but I only got 2 usable shots.
Well, I don't mind, as I took this as a learning progress.
My white background arrives today, I really eager to try high key shots!
Will definitely share the result ;)
Till then, these are the 2 'usable' shots, before and after edit.

Shot using Sony A7 Mark II + Sony FE 50mm F/1.8 + 2 off-camera flashlights.
Edited using Affinity Photo Software

Monday, January 16, 2017

Blog Re-opened!

Blog Re-opened!

It's been a long time.
InsyaAllah, this blog will be available again.
Looking forward to share more photos!

P/S: Finally bought a real camera back!
P/Ss: I'm not taking any wedding photography as for this moment. Am planning for whiteroom photography though, so wish me luck!