Tuesday, January 17, 2017

First Low Key Photography Shot (feat. Me and My Lovely Wife)

It's been a fun & tension (haha) moment for me and my wife while trying low key shot.
I've been dreaming of exploring this type of shot.
Seems easy, but it really not! (that's why the tension came in).
About 20 shots and poses were taken, but I only got 2 usable shots.
Well, I don't mind, as I took this as a learning progress.
My white background arrives today, I really eager to try high key shots!
Will definitely share the result ;)
Till then, these are the 2 'usable' shots, before and after edit.

Shot using Sony A7 Mark II + Sony FE 50mm F/1.8 + 2 off-camera flashlights.
Edited using Affinity Photo Software


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